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Help, Spanish!

This past year, I’ve been working through DuoLingo’s Spanish course, and I can see ahead to being done with it pretty soon. Then what? For 2021 I’d like to maintain a habit of reading and continuing to learn Spanish.

I know there are quite a few native Spanish speakers among my Micro.blog acquaintance, so maybe you can help?

  • I’d be interested in any Spanish-language adult literature that might be good for a newbie. I keep seeing Como agua para chocolate recommended as a good, real Spanish novel that’s not too hard to read. Any other suggestions? Any poetry? Garcia Lorca? Neruda? Opinions? I’ve read that La casa de los espíritus is kind of hard, and that Cien años de soledad is definitely too difficult for beginners.

  • I read a few English-language daily news digests. Are there any of those in Spanish that might give me a helpful daily dose, and be interesting?

  • Bible: I got a copy of La Biblia de las Americas and would like to do some regular Bible reading. Did I make a good choice, or is there a better/more accepted translation?

Thanks for any help you have to offer. bendiciones para el nuevo año, if that’s right: :-)