Rags of Light

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Entrance Requirement.

[At] the Moscow Seminary in the seventies… The young man at the opening interview was not able to answer any question. He didn’t know ′′Our Father,” didn’t even have an idea of the ′′Symbol of faith;” The Liturgy and the Divine Service clearly didn’t touch his life The exhausted examiner finally asked him: ′′Well, okay, but at least you know something?” And in return, the applicant suddenly begins to read an excerpt from the gospel of John, an excerpt without a story beginning and without end. ′′What is it?” they asked him. ′′I don’t know. But I was just standing at the stop, and there was no bus for a long time. And suddenly a leaf of paper came to my feet. I raised it – it was written there. And while I was reading, I realized with my heart that all this was true!”

His answer was considered sufficient.

– Dmitry Mashírov