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Orthodox Numbers.

Some interesting Orthodox numbers from this generally interesting piece, How Many Orthodox Christians Are in the World?:

Turkey is home to not one but two ancient patriarchal sees: everyone knows Constantinople, but don’t forget that Antioch (now called Antakya) is in Turkey, and where the Patriarchate of Antioch still has canonical territory. The Antiochian Orthodox, concentrated in southeastern Asia Minor, were not subject to the forced population exchanges between Turkey and Greece in the early 1920s, and today there are vastly more Antiochians than Greeks in Turkey — possibly ten times as many. So when you see reports that “only 2,000 Orthodox are left in Turkey,” remember that it’s only talking about Greek Orthodox. In addition to the Antiochians, we can add to that tens of thousands of foreign workers in Turkey, including something like 50,000 Russians — many of whom are Orthodox. And Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Serbs… add it all up, and I’m estimating something like 100,000 Orthodox Christians in Turkey, of various nationalities.