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A loss worse than a win?

Reading the increasing number of pundit pieces about the authoritarian risks of a likely DT second term, a horrific (but I think plausible) scenario came to my mind, one in which a DT loss poses a greater risk to our republic than a win. Here goes:

  • During the campaign, polls show Democratic candidate X leading DT decisively. Naturally, DT and his loyal followers shower the media with claims that the system is “rigged.”
  • On election night Democrat X is the clear winner. There is no chance that DT will accept this result gracefully. He tweets, and pronounces at an election-night rally that the vote was “rigged” and that there was “massive voter fraud.” His followers accept this without evidence.
  • The Senate and the Attorney General back DT, say that the election results need to be “investigated” before they’re accepted. The timeline and method for the “investigation” are unstated.
  • DT loses the election and stays in office. The Republic is over.

Someone tell me this isn’t believable, please.