Rags of Light

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For most of my life I’ve loved and admired hands-on animation: either hand-drawn, as in most animated features before the CGI/Toy Story revolution; or stop-motion.

I’ve been happy, and a bit surprised, that stop-motion animation has held its own, perhaps even had a renaissance, thanks to the work of Tim Burton, Nick Park, Laika Studios, and others. But in America (overseas is a somewhat different story) it often seems that hand-drawn animation is a thing of the past. There was an interesting period when Disney, and I think others, experimented in interesting ways with combining digital and hand-drawn animation: Disney’s Tarzan is an example. But before long CGI took over almost entirely.

So I was delighted to come across Kitbull, a clever and moving hand-drawn short from, of all places, Pixar, one of the villains in the CGI monopoly. I’m grateful and encouraged to see that they remember, and I hope I’ll see more like this.