Rags of Light

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From the good people at Orthodox History: There are a shade fewer than 1,000 Orthodox bishops in the world. The ratio of faithful to bishops is maybe ten times higher that at the time of Nicea.

Overall, to get back to Nicaean-era ratios, we’d need more than ten times as many bishops as we currently have. Obviously that’s not going to happen — we would need 10,000+ bishops, when we actually have less than 1,000. I’d be surprised if there were 10,000 men on earth who are both canonically eligible to be bishops and are remotely suited for the job. But then, in the days of Nicaea, the role of the bishop wasn’t exactly what it is today. For better or worse, it has evolved from a locally-focused pastoral position to more of a high-level administrative job.

I’d remark that our own bishop is a real pastor, not just an administrator; but I know that isn’t always true.