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Not even bad science: non-science.

Here’s a good rant about the state of nutrition ‘science.’ The nutrition world has a lot to answer for: not only have they foisted a series of unproven (and government-enforced) dietary recommendations on the public, but in the process have (IMO) done a lot to undermine our society’s confidence in the whole scientific enterprise. Excerpt:

‘Nutrition’ is now a degenerating research paradigm in which scientifically illiterate methods, meaningless data, and consensus-driven censorship dominate the empirical landscape. … Over time, the sustained funding of demonstrably pseudo-scientific research methods has subverted the self-correcting nature of science and suppressed skeptical scholarship. Consequently, many decades of politics taking precedence over critical inquiry produced contradictory dietary guidelines, failed public policies, and the continued confusion over ‘what-to-eat’.

For more: Nutrition Science Is Broken. This New Egg Study Shows Why.