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More nuns.

The number of young women seeking monastic vocations in the Roman Catholic church is increasing substantially.

The article is intriguing, though I could have done without the I-don’t-get-it tone. Here’s a “surprise” that I don’t find surprising at all:

These young women have one last surprise: They tend to be far more doctrinally conservative than their predecessors. If you go deeper into their social media feeds, past the wacky photos of habited nuns making the hang-loose sign, you’ll find a firm devotion to the most traditional of Catholic beliefs. They fervently protest abortion. They celebrate virginity not as a necessity to free up time to serve God—how some “liberal” sisters see it—but as something in itself holy… And 60 percent of those women, Tuohy said, explicitly asked if they could join an order that would force [sic] them to wear a habit.

As an Orthodox Christian, I’m sure that the (Orthodox) Church in the US needs a much more vigorous monastic life, so I find the trend encouraging. American Orthodox monasticism is weak, but has a feeling of vigor, discovery, and growth that (I gather) has been lacking in the RC world for some time. More monks, more nuns!