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Women and men on abortion.

This Vox article, Men and women have similar views on abortion establishes an important point: In their views on abortion, women and men hardly differ at all. Not that there’s agreement, but women are divided in the same way, and in the same proportions, as men. Whatever else it may be, this is not a men-versus-women issue.

This is especially significant when we see that men and women are often clearly divided on a variety of political and economic issues (Republican/Democrat, size of government…). But not on abortion.

It’s typical in progressive circles to assume that abortion politics is heavily driven by gender, reflecting the left’s conviction that the legality of abortion is fundamentally a question of women’s rights and bodily autonomy.
Polls, however, tend to show only very modest gender gaps in views of abortion. Women and men in the United States and elsewhere generally hold similar opinions — even as Democrats and Republicans offer drastically different ones.