Rags of Light

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Better Hearts than Mine

I’ve come to love some of the comments that people post in response to songs on YouTube. The comments section sometimes feels like a raw and beautiful confessional. Listening to Tom Waits’ beautiful “Jersey Girl,” I noticed these two comments, which I want to pass along.

thinking about a girl who was a prostitute in Elizabeth.We were heroin addicts who got high together,got clean together,got married and been together for 26 years.

Among the many congratulations, there was this:

That’s f*ing beautiful- happy for you. The girl I used to get high with never got clean - I heard she Of two weeks ago and died. I feel bad cuz I have been married to the woman of my dreams who never has even seen drugs and we been married over 7 years. it’s almost like a survivors guilt wondering why I escaped and get to live and love and so many people I knew with better hearts than mine never do. I love hearing stories about people who escape death to become who they were created to be and have the experience to appreciate what so many take for granted. God bless

“so many people I knew with better hearts than mine…”